Jersey Shore’s JWoww Invites Jen to Strip Club Without Ronnie


Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’s star JWoww invited Jen Harley to the strip club without Ronnie. The roommates were playing with fire when they decided to let JWoww extend an invite to Harley.

JWoww and Ronnie have had their ups and downs thanks to both reality stars not communicating well with one another. Ronnie had openly said in many confessionals that he did not agree with JWoww not sharing her personal divorce drama, while all the roommates felt it was OK to speak on Ronnie’s drama. The mother of two recently finalized her divorce from Roger Mathews after three years of marriage. Ronnie, on the other hand, has been trying desperately to hold his relationship together with his girlfriend, Jen Harley. It all came down to a blockbuster fight between the two reality stars that kicked off when Ronnie tried to address JWoww’s divorce during the filming of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.


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Now, on the last episode, viewers watched as JWoww took it upon herself and invited Jen Harley out to the strip club without telling Ronnie. Ronnie had only just been released from his rehab stint when the roommates decided to go to Las Vegas. The camera crew also caught Harley not being supportive of Ronnie’s newly found sober lifestyle by trying to make him pour shots for her. In the uncomfortable episode, fans watched as Harley tried to throw her boyfriend under the bus with his roommates saying that she was not sure he had remained sober and was lying to them about his sobriety. People shared an exclusive clip of the roommates waiting with bated breath for Harley to enter the club.


Jersey Shore cast

Pauly D spoke to the confessional saying he was afraid that a “Ronpage” could be triggered by inviting Harley to a club behind Ronnie’s back. All the roommates agreed that both Ronnie and Jen were going through some serious problems and no one was sure how to help them. JWoww had another opinion, saying she believed that she had to get to the bottom of their argument for their daughters’ sake. In the last second of the episode, viewers watched as Harley walked in and the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast froze. The film crew then cut to Ronnie in his confessional when he received a text message and then bolted from the room, presumably heading to the club.


Fans are hoping that JWoww’s decision didn’t just start another battle between the two as they only recently sorted out the drama from their last feud. Ronnie also told the cameras that he wanted to speak to JWoww, to make sure that she wasn’t using her current boyfriend for a rebound from her recent divorce. Viewers are more than positive that the conversation will not go over well.

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 9 PM EST on MTV.

Source: People

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