Amazon Offers a $25 Credit on the Nintendo Switch Lite With This Code


Holiday deals on the Nintendo Switch Lite are basically nonexistant, so don’t pass up this deal that Amazon has just launched. For a limited time you can get a $25 promotional credit on the following models when you use the code UUDDLRLRBA at checkout: NIntendo Switch Lite (Gray) / Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) / Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow).

If you’re unfamiliar, the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t actually do any switching, there are no Joy-Cons (though it can connect to extra controllers), and the screen is smaller at 5.5-inches. However, the Lite does offer the same fundamental handheld experience as the standard Switch at a price point that’s $100 cheaper. It’s also more portable, has more color options, and an actual D-pad.


Unfortunately, if you want the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Zacian and Zamazenta special edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll need to stay vigilant – and pay full price. It’s sold out pretty much everywhere at the time of writing, but keep tabs on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart for new stock to arrive at the standard $199 price point.


Additional Nintendo Switch Black Friday offers are available here at Walmart, here at Best Buy, and here at GameStop.

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