Marvel’s Moon Knight Working Title Revealed


Few shows are as anticipated as Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight, and now we have a working title for the show courtesy of Production Weekly. The current working title is Spectorcorp Productions, and that name will ring familiar with fans of the comics, though not the productions part. At one point Marc Spector uses a new influx of cash to get some big upgrades to his look and armor, and also creates a brand new company called Spectorcorp, and at least according to the working title, it would seem the new series is going to utilize that particular piece of history in some form or fashion. As for the Productions part, perhaps the company will be centered around television or film, which would allow for some very meta moments, especially if they use another piece of history from the comics.

At one point Moon Knight becomes a television producer and even hits it big with a series based on his own adventures titled The Legend of Khonshu. So, with that Productions part in the title, could it be taking on this era of Moon Knight? It would be a very interesting route to take, and would also allow some amazing opportunities for Spector’s other personalties to shine.

I mean, put all of Spector’s personalities and issues in a Hollywood blender and you’ve got a promising premise that isn’t like any other Marvel MCU character, and that’s a great starting point for old Moony.

For those who aren’t familiar with the character, Moon Knight is actually Marc Spector, a former CIA agent who was almost killed by a terrorist named Bushman but was saved by the Moon God Khonshu. After he defeated Bushman he would become the Moon Knight and wear the all-white costume that has become his trademark.


The other major element to Spector is that Spector isn’t his only personality. Inside Marc’s head reside four personalities that are variations on the core person. In addition to Spector, his mind holds Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Khonshu himself, and all four interact and at times cooperate and at others vie for control. This is what sets the hero apart from so many others, and is also why Moon Knight goes to places that other heroes aren’t comfortable going.

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