Rock of Pages #1

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Spanning 7 years and 344 pages, the experimental comic series from cartoonist Lee Xopher is collected as a complete digital graphic novel.

Lee Xopher’s world is falling apart around him. He has just graduated college, found a terrible job, and discovered that the real world is not everything he dreamed it to be. When the time-traveling Fred Lactus skateboards into the past on a cosmic suicide mission, Lee and his friends are caught in an epic quest to save the spacetime continuum, and uncover the ultimate truth of their own self-discoveries.

Rock of Pages is an illustrated concept album about growing up and traveling through time. The semi-autobiographical story unfolds through a series of vignettes that combine to form a heartfelt and subversive portrait of life as both creator and creation.

This volume collects all 25 chapters of the original series, plus exclusive bonus material.

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