FREE EMPYRE Preview Magazine Coming JULY 1 – But With a Disclaimer

Credit: Mahmud Asrar (Marvel Comics)

Credit: Marvel Comics

Empyre #1 doesn’t hit stands until July 15, but Marvel have announced they’re priming the pump with a special Empyre Previews Magazine to debut July 1 as a free item for comic stores. However, the magazine was finalized before the COVID-19-led distribution shutdown delayed everything including Empyre, leading some of the information to be outdated according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski.

“The Empyre Preview Magazine was produced before the world outside our windows went all weird, so you’ll find it contains some outdated information,” Cebulski said in the announcement to retailers.

Credit: Mahmud Asrar (Marvel Comics)

“While Mighty Marvel’s publishing plans may have changed due to this pandemic pause, this publication is still packed with useful information and behind-the-scenes insight that we wanted to share with our fantastic fans, so you can get in early on all the excitement of Empyre. And even though certain stories will no longer be tying in with the event – You never know, someday we may revisit these cool concepts and characters!”

Marvel didn’t disclose the reasoning for forging ahead with releasing a partially-outdated magazine.

“The Empyre Preview Magazine will give readers an advance inside look into Empyre and how it impacts on all of the different Marvel characters across the Universe – not just in the main series but also the assorted tie-in projects where the events of Empyre spill over into other titles,” Marvel’s Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said.

Each retailer will get 25 complimentary copies of the Empyre Preview Magazine, with additional 25-piece bundles available for $5 each wholesale.

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