DC’s LUCIFER Switching to Collected Edition for Next Arc

Credit: Tiffany Turrill (DC/Black Label)

Credit: Tiffany Turrill (DC/Black Label)

After completing its periodical publication with issue #18, released on March 18, DC’s Lucifer #19-24 will be released directly as a collected edition, or in this case an OGN. Writer Dan Watters and artist Sebastian Fiumara’s planned story will reportedly not be changed aside from switching to the collected format.

“At last, the devil goes to hell,” reads DC’s original solicitation for Lucifer #20, with #21‘s solicit saying “Lucifer trespasses into the garden of Destiny of the Endless, but for what nefarious purpose? Nothing less than tearing a page from the Book of Destiny itself.”

Credit: Tiffany Turrill (DC/Black Label)

Lucifer #18 was released in March, with subsequent solicited issues put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on comics distribution channels. Those issues are now officially canceled. 

This new edition will overlap with the solicited Lucifer Vol. 3: The Wild Hunt collection, which was solicited to include #14 through #19.

DC has not announced the future of Lucifer beyond this upcoming edition.

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