New Spawn Teaser Dropped by Todd McFarlane


At long last, Spawn is returning to comic shops. Comics icon Todd McFarlane announced this weekend that Spawn #307 has officially been sent to press and in a matter of weeks, the longest-running creator-owned comic series will be returning to comic store shelves after a months-long hiatus. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Spawn was last available in March when #306 hit stores; Image Comics currently has the on-sale date for #307 listed for June 24th.

“Spawn is going to press THIS WEEK!!” McFarlane said on Twitter. “That’s right folks, we are back in business with our MONTHLY Spawn comic book!! Here’s a super sneak peek of a page from Spawn 307 with art by the TALENTED @PhilipTanArt out June 24th.”

In addition to writing a monthly Spawn comic series, McFarlane has also been hard at work getting his R-rated Spawn reboot starring Jamie Foxx off the ground. In fact, just this past week, Spawn producer Jason Blum teased a “seismic event” taking place during development for the feature film.

“I’m glad you asked. There has been an enormous amount of activity on Spawn,” Blum shared with about the project. “No new news that I’m going to reveal here, I’m sorry to tell you, but the title ‘Spawn,’ I’ve been uttering that word a lot in the last two or three weeks and we’ll have more news to come. But, suffice it to say, it is a very active development.”

“I wanna make the movie so badly,” the Blumhouse exec added. “I wouldn’t put that past myself, and it’s an excellent question, but in this case, I’ve actually been talking to other people about it, but there’s been a seismic event on Spawn.”

That’s in addition to McFarlane himself confirming with us in April that the movie was still in the works.


“About a month ago, I had a big fish. I just about got him on deck, right? It was the one that some people misheard and said I lost Jamie, it was like no an addition, an addition,” McFarlane shared with back in April in regards to rumors about the endeavor. “But we lost him and those are always frustrating because whenever you got the fish out of the water, pull them up on deck and the line breaks.”

McFarlane added, “We got an offer out to, I think, a bigger fish. So, there weren’t too many bigger than the first guy, but anyway, we’ll see. If I could’ve got the last guy, it would’ve been a home run. If I can get this guy, it will be a grand slam. This one will blow up the Internet. So, we’ll see. I don’t know. In normal circumstances, usually when you make an offer, there’s usually a one or two-week sort of timeframe before you move on. But given that everything stopped in Hollywood, probably in the grace period we’ll be relaxed. I think it would be, like I said, I’m going to only have to go down after this, if I lose these two big whales. But fingers crossed on this one. So, again, everybody’s saying the right things for right now, but until you get a firm ‘yes’ it’s always a ‘no’ to me.”

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