My Boyfriend in Orange #10 – Vol. 10

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Moe feels like she must be dreaming. After an emotional conversation with her firefighter crush Kyosuke about his past girlfriend, not only does he confess that Moe saved his heart from the pain of loss as much as he did hers, he even kisses her!! There’s trouble in paradise, though—Kyosuke is still against Moe’s paramedic goals, and Moe is starting to get majorly miffed about it. In stark contrast, Kyosuke’s rival Himeno is enthusiastically supportive, and on top of that there’s been a change in his behavior toward Moe?! Then, following her confession to Kazama, Sayumi overhears some distressing news…

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 37: Enihara-san’s Past
  • Chapter 38: What I Want To Be
  • Chapter 39: Their Respective Feelings
  • Chapter 40: The White Day Miracle

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