Do You Like the Nerdy Nurse? #1 – Volume 1

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There’s a new school nurse at Mitsugi Middle School, and the students couldn’t be more ex­cited. To everyone else, Momoyama-sensei is an unmatched beauty, but second-year student Tamotsu Kurita sees something they don’t—that she’s also a massive nerd! Her love of 2D characters—and only 2D characters—knows no bounds, and try as she might, she just can’t hide it. To Kurita, being around a beautiful lady who shares his interests is a dream come true, but Momoyama-sensei’s more excited to talk about her favorite fictional idols than anything else…

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Spring Anime Are About to Start…
  • Chapter 2: The Shipping Is Sublime
  • Chapter 3: Do You Have Any Openings on Your Friend List?
  • Chapter 4: I Warned You About Spending Money on Mobile Games
  • Chapter 5: His Name Is Yuya Kazami…
  • Chapter 6: Kids’ Anime Is Medicine for the Soul
  • Chapter 7: Workplace Escape!!
  • Chapter 8: Those Who Believe Will Be Saved…!!
  • Chapter 9: 98% Compatibility!!
  • Chapter 10: aka Ishi-Blades
  • Chapter 11: Because You Can’t Share When You’re Alone
  • Chapter 12: Summer Anime Are About to Start…
  • Chapter 13: Acquire Info and Luck!
  • Chapter 14: Which Love Is Right?!
  • Chapter 15: Would You Put That Talent to Work in the Nurse’s Office?
  • Chapter 16: Cosplay Is More Than Just Wearing a Costume (Part One)
  • Chapter 17: Cosplay Is More Than Just Wearing a Costume (Part Two)
  • Chapter 18: A Summer Day with Momoyama-sensei
  • Chapter 19: Why Don’t You Try Writing Something?
  • Chapter 20: Drawing Is Fun
  • Chapter 21: Will I Be Able to Express How I Feel?!
  • Final Chapter: There Are All Kinds of Love

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