Call of Duty: Warzone Test Reveals Just How Much the AUG Has Been Nerfed


Yesterday, Call of Duty: Warzone nerfed two of the game’s most popular guns. One of these is the FFAR, while the other is the AUG. For the former, Raven Software decreased the speed of aiming down the sights. Meanwhile, with the AUG, which players have been calling to be nerfed for weeks, Raven Software increased the recoil strength, which in turn makes the gun less accurate.

According to most players, these nerfs are proving very effective, and, for now, the meta has been disrupted and is in the process of changing. Over on Twitter, Call of Duty YouTuber Xclusive Ace revealed the update added “WAY more” recoil to the AUG, and the ADS time on the FFAR is noticeably slower. In other words, both are considerable nerfs, though neither really solves the time-to-kill problem both guns have, which is to say, they still obliterate opponents very quickly.

Accompanying all of this Xclusive Ace also revealed an image showing just how much the spread of the AUG has increased due to the increase in Recoil. It’s not major enough to make the AUG useless, but it’s a pretty noticeable difference.

“Still lots of testing to do with the little Warzone balancing patch but the AUG got WAY more recoil and the FFAR’s ADS time is very noticeably reduced,” said the Xclusive Ace. “This should mix things up a little bit but won’t solve the TTK problem.”


For now, it remains to be seen where the two guns will end up in the current meta, but players are already reporting that the pair aren’t being as heavily used as they were before the update. Whether this will remain the case the further we get away from the nerfs, remains to be seen.

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