Kitty Sweet Tooth #1 – GN

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In this adorable and silly graphic novel written for young readers, Kitty Sweet Tooth runs a movie theater that serves up magical (and unpredictable) desserts. Featuring delicious text from author Abby Denson, and bright, colorful illustrations by Utomaru.

There’s just one thing Kitty Sweet Tooth loves more than going to movies, and that’s eating delicious desserts. Now that Pop-Pop’s movie theater has fallen on hard times, Kitty decides that only dessert can keep it from closing its doors. With a coat of paint, a tasty new menu, and a lot of hard work, Kitty and her friends transform this ramshackle theater into the Taste-O-Rama, a combination movie house restaurant.

At the Taste-O-Rama, special film screenings are paired with custom-made dishes. But when you have a mad scientist and a witch working in the kitchen, recipes can go awry! On opening night, the theater is flooded with magical jelly that grows out of control. How can Kitty Sweet Tooth and her friends save the day?

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