Elsewhere #2 – Vol. 2

New Releases

Relax your body and breathe deeply, completely.

Observe your thoughts and let them pass through your mind without clinging. Feel the air on your skin. Ingest the entire contents of your hyperreality travel medication packet (with a sip of orange juice if desired).

Observe departure safety protocols and descend to the life-support tanks in an orderly fashion.

You are about to embark … Elsewhere.

Folded in this book is a deep mystery composed of fabulous, exciting, funny, and terrifying short comics works. Boundaries between genres, styles, moods, time and space will appear to blur and dissolve. Industry professionals share the pages with fresh new talent. These phenomena are natural. Do not be alarmed.

Comics creators and fans of the past, present, and future await you on the other shore with open arms, medieval arms, cowboy pistols, tales of love and freedom, jet-packs, and aaa-ooga horns.

Your return from this voyage is not guaranteed. Nor is your sanity, nor your concept of reality. In exchange, you are relieved of limitations. You are free.

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