Announcing the Standard Comics Script (SCS) from Steenz & Camilla Zhang


Today marks the official launch of the Standard Comics Script (SCS), which was built by cartoonist, editor, and educator Steenz and writer, artist, and Z2 Comics Senior Editor Camilla Zhang. 

The SCS template aims to demystify the mechanics of the comics industry, provide a foundation that can be customized for the needs of each individual creative team, and help facilitate the establishment of an industry standard for scripting that will eradicate miscommunication. Best of all, it’s available for everyone to use at no cost!

Sample comic written by Steenz & Zhang with art and lettering by Meghan Carter.

The Standard Comics Script (SCS)

Camilla and Steenz worked with a variety of other industry professionals, including David F. Walker, Whitney Leopard, and Ngozi Ukazu in order to synthesize scripting techniques into a template that can provide a common foundation and open the door for more effective communication in the comics creative process.

In a quote provided to the Beat, Ukazu shared these thoughts about the SCS: “Steenz and Camilla’s work to standardize a crucial step in graphic novel making not only draws from their years of experience in comics but also pushes the field of comics forward.”

To learn more about the conceptualization and development of the SCS, you can watch this interview with Camilla and Steenz, hosted by Prism Comics and edited by Ted Abenheim:

[embedded content]

Available to download now

If you’re interested in utilizing the SCS, you can download the template from either Steenz’s website or Camilla’s website right now.


Have you had the chance to check out the SCS? What are your thoughts on the template? Will you be utilizing it in future collaborative sequential narrative projects?

The Beat wants to hear from you! Give us a shout-out, here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat, and let us know what you’re thinking.

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