Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai #2 – Vol. 2: Disciples of Avan II

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Dai and his new companion Popp run into trouble after setting out for Romos. The magical gun-wielding warrior priest Maam lends unexpected help, but that isn’t her only surprise—she also has a history with Avan! The trio must learn to work together or face defeat at the hands of Furfang Legion commander Crocodine…

Chapter Titles

  • The Tale of Maam of the Dark Forest
  • The Tale of the Beast King Crocodine!
  • The Tale of the Beast King’s War Cry!
  • The Tale of United Disciples!
  • The Tale of the Magic Bullet Gun
  • The Tale of Those Who Called Him Master
  • The Tale of the Third Companion
  • The Tale of Romos Besieged
  • The Tale of the Furfang’s All-Out Assault!!
  • The Tale of Dai’s Weakness?!
  • The Tale of the Shard of Courage
  • The Tale of Popp’s Everything!
  • The Tale of a Miraculous Friendship
  • The Tale of Dai’s Mark of Anger!!
  • The Tale of the Burgeoning Heroes!

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