The Fable #2 – Vol. 2

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With his beloved Nighthawk pistol in hand, Fable the hitman rolls in town! Fable, a natural-born killer who effortlessly takes down any target… or targets. Together with his lovely assistant, they ply their trade the underbelly of society. Then one day, he receives a sudden order from his boss to start a new life under a new name. So begins a new chapter in the savage yet ludicrous tale of The Fable!

Until now, The Fable has walked through life leaving a trail of corpses in his path, the stench of death and gunpowder following him wherever he goes. Then out of the blue, he’s told to take a break from killing and live on the up and up for the time being. If only it were that easy…

Chapter Titles

  • Ch. 9 / Boss’s Orders
  • Ch. 10 / Let’s Go Shopping
  • Ch. 11 / Tag
  • Ch. 12 / Let’s Name It ♡
  • Ch. 13 / Two Invitations
  • Ch. 14 / Treasures
  • Ch. 15 / Ex-Wrestler
  • Ch. 16 / Hopes & Dreams
  • Ch. 17 / Chatting About Life
  • Ch. 18 / Cute Boy ♡
  • Ch. 19 / C’mon Takahashi ♡

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